How And When To Spy On Someone With Audio Surveillance

There are many times that audio surveillance is vital to a case. Sometimes the video lacks a certain aspect or the verbiage is vital to the integrity of the investigation.

From the woman who suspects her spouse of infidelity, to the man who suspects the same, audio surveillance can be quite eye opening.

There are many factors to consider when considering which way to go on surveillance. The equipment must be small enough to not be detected yet of high enough quality to provide adequate sound coverage.

Faulty equipment will result in garbled sound which cannot be used to prove the case. With so many variables, it’s important to consider the time and place that such equipment will be used.

It’s not always easy to decide when to move from video to audio surveillance. Video surveillance can be helpful, but the people can be talking about anything. With the audio, you can prove that there is infidelity and intent to cheat.

There are a variety of options when considering audio surveillance. They make pens that look like an everyday fountain pen but are actually audio surveillance pens. You can then upload the audio onto a computer and play it back.

Additionally, there are phone recorders that can be used on cell phones as well as landline phones. By attaching these to the phone you can find out what is being said and done at any given moment.

Such recording devices will give the proof and evidence required to prove whatever it is that you’re seeking.

Other devices can be left in rooms where it is suspect that something is going on. Coupled with a video recording these can offer irrefutable proof of a situation or infidelity.

This can be done very discreetly by simply leaving such a recording pen or device on a table or nearby. Items that look like typical everyday devices are ideal as covert audio recorders.

By working closely with a company that creates such items you can customize the items to something that the person you’re spying on would use in their everyday life. A pen discreetly slipped into a purse or pocket is a common way to gain this audio, and you can get these easily at Spycentre Security.

Recorders are smaller than ever before and easy to hide in rooms, cars, and offices. They appear to be average everyday items and are often overlooked by the person who walks right by them.

They are inexpensive and easy to acquire and you can combine the audio from several devices to gain the evidence required. Combine these with video surveillance for even more evidence.

Often, once the other person has heard or seen the evidence, you won’t have to even go to court, with irrefutable evidence, they often settle out of court without any hassles. This is a great way for you to get what you want out of a relationship without having to fight for it in court.

If you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful this is a great way to find out for sure before you present them with the reason you believe it. It is, however, vital to keep in mind that in many areas, it is unlawful to record someone without their consent. You may have to be creative to get this consent if you plan to use this in a court of law.

Typically, once a person is presented with the evidence, they will settle out of court. Video and audio surveillance can be done at any time, anywhere and during any hours. Such equipment is very easy to procure.

3 Ted Talks about Breaking Bad Habits

1) Judson Brewer: A Simple Way to Break a Habit

Length: 9 minutes 24 seconds

Why do we smoke, overeat or cave in to other cravings when we truly know that they are harmful to us? Can being more curious about these things help us quit the bad habits? Psychiatrist Judson Brewer who is a physiatrist researches on mindfulness techniques for a living specifically, those techniques that can help us quell our cravings.

His studies, for example, found out that mindfulness training is two times better than gold standard therapy at helping smokers quit their habit.

Brewer tries to teach us what takes place in your brain when you develop bad habits and how teaching yourself mindfulness will help target the core mechanisms. This will help us leave our addictive behaviors and unhealthy patterns.

2) Emily Balcetis: Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others

Length: 14 minutes 8 seconds

Why does it occur that some people easily fit exercise into their routine while others struggle? Emily Balcetis, a social psychologist, and her team carried out their own research and came with the answer to this question.

The team found that our goals and motivation levels have huge impacts on our vision that is the way we literally see the world.

In this TED talk, Balcetis tells us about her research on health and fitness. For example, she finds out that those people who are very motivated to exercise literally see the physical distance that is the distance between where they are and the finish line as shorter than people who are not motivated to exercise.

She then talks about strategies that you can use to change the perceptions of distance which can make exercise and fitness goals seem easier and more attainable.

3) Guy Winch: Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

Length: 17 minutes 24 seconds.

Why can’t we take our emotional health very seriously as we do with our physical health? Try to think about this: We focus on teaching our children about physical health especially exercise and hygiene but do we really teach them about psychological health?

I know that many of you will answer NO. It is as if we human beings tend to value our bodies more than we value our minds.

Psychologist Guy Winch uses this talk to explain that emotional pain including loss, guilt, loneliness and failure can have a negative impact on our lives. This is true especially if we attempt to deal with them in isolation or ignore them completely.

He says that we need to take care of our emotional health using the scientifically proven techniques that can heal our psychological pain.

How Much Should You Charge For Public Speaking?

What is the correct fee for any public speaking event? This is a question that plagues almost all public speakers with no clear cut answer irrespective of the industry. The fact of the matter is that the overall charge is dependent on a variety of factors, including the amount of people attending the event and the event itself. Of course, if you are a well-known speaker it is always possible to negotiate a more favorable fee. For example, celebrity motivational speakers, such as Tony Robbins, are able to earn tens of thousands of dollars for a single session. This article will help act as an informal guide on how to determine the most suitable fee for your public speaking services.

What Questions Must Be Asked When Determining A Fee?

  • One of the first questions to ask when determining a public speaking fee is the organization’s overall budget. If you do not have a set fee, the budget range can increase or decrease the charge you make regarding your services; however, it is important to not vary too wildly between events as companies tend to discuss project costs and may discuss speaker fees. This is particularly important if you find yourself looking for referrals.
  • Another question to ask is the required length of the speech, workshop or training session. In short, the longer a session is the more you will need to charge for the service. This is due to the fact that lengthier sessions will require more preparation and time to deliver; you would not want to receive the same payment for 30 minutes of speaking when delivering six hours of training.

What Factors Must Be Considered When Deciding On A Fee?

  • One factor to consider when deciding on the charge for your public speaking service is your audience. Why is this important? The fact of the matter is that the audience you wish to serve may not be able to afford your services; therefore, you may be required to adjust your fee schedule in order to meet your desires. For example, many of us begin speaking in public to share valuable information and begin with pro-bono or free speaking sessions. During this beginning period we are able to attend to events that we are very interested in, as well as those that do not peak our interests but meet our income. Make time to do pro-bono work or accept smaller payment if you are looking to work with non-profit organizations but still meet income goals.
  • Another factor to look at is the services you can offer as a speaker. A successful speaker has a particular signature offering information that is in high demand alongside a unique, inspirational story. People are more likely to remember a speaker if they have a signature style presented at the different events, along with takeaways for the attendees.
  • Finally, who is the ideal client? At the end of the day, someone needs to make a payment. Non-profit organizations and community centers, such as churches, will not always be able to pay large amounts unless there is a wealthy backing congregation. Large corporations are more likely to provide large paychecks due to their big budgets and popular events.


Now, watch this video from Toastmasters and learn how to improve your public speaking with some basic tips: